Factory Tour

The events listed below were events of TMTS2016.

TMTS2018 events will be announced in October, 2018.

Schedule of Factory Visit:

Meeting Point:VIP lounge, Hall 3, Greater Taichung International Expo Center (GTIEC)
Option Date Time company name website
1 11/23 (Wed.) 13:30-16:00
11/23 (Wed.)
Exact Machinery Co., Ltd.
11/23 (Wed.)
Jarng Yeong Enterprise Co.,Ltd
3 11/24 (Thur.) 09:30-12:00
11/24 (Thur.)
Taiwan Machine Tool Co., Ltd
11/24 (Thur.)
Excetek Technologies Co.,Ltd.
5 13:30-16:00
11/24 (Thur.)
Kao Ming Machinery Industrial Co.Ltd
11/24 (Thur.)
E-Tech Machinery Inc.
7 11/25(Fri.) 09:30-12:00
Jiuh-Yeh Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
8 13:30-16:00
Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd.

*Foreigner only.
*Every visitor must not exceed a maximum of 2 options.
*Application Deadline: Nov 20, 2016
*Log into TMTS Service Support System to sign up for events.

Factory Visit Introduction
OPTION 1 Exact Machinery Co., Ltd.
TIME PM1:30-4:30 Nov. 23 (Wed.)
Website www.exactmachinery.com
Product introduction
  1. Rotary Tables
  2. Indexing Tables
  3. Hydraulic Horizontal Index Tables/Manual Indexing Tables
  4. Automatic Pallet Changer with Worktable
  5. Hydraulic Turrets
  6. Accessories
Company Description EXACT is a professional global supplier with a robust technological R&D foundation,complimented by a quality minded workforce with "state of the art" manufacturing equipment and a stringent quality control department, this, plus a professional distribution network all of whom are committed to solution finding and complete customer satisfaction. EXACT top quality CNC Rotary Tables and Indexing Tables are used in a wide variety of applications in the Medical, Aerospace and Automotive industries, in the manufacturing of Oil & Water pipeline valves and equipment and in Job Shops where flexibility is required. Plus many others.
Throughout over 2 decades of experience, EXACT has continuously developed new and innovates products to improve the manufacturing processes and productivity for our customers. With top quality products and professional support, our customers are "Rotating exactly, using EXACT!"
OPTION 2 Jarng Yeong Enterprise Co.,Ltd
TIME PM1:30-4:30 Nov. 23 (Wed.)
Website www.cnc-lathe.com
Product introduction
  1. AUTO Lathe
  2. CNC Lathe:Dual-Spindle CNC Lathe;Swiss Type CNC Lathe;Multitasking CNC Lathe;Turret Type CNC Lathe;CNC Lathe
  3. Other:Cam Making Milling Machine;Die Drawing Machine;Drill Re-Sharpening Machine;End-Face Trimming Machine
Company Description JARNG YEONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in 1978,were set to produce mechanical slides and now we are one of the leading manufacturers of CNC and Auto lathes in Taiwan. By providing high quality machines and the best after-service, our Lathes are now selling to over 40 countries globally and gained excellent reputation.The main concept of JARNG YEONG is to give our customers a Total Solution. From design to produce, all can be customized. Our customers are what we truly valued!
It also incorporates "green" ideas into the new model design team. Company has been committed to developing a new generation of the GREEN models. Start from 2011, company builds "GREENWAY" brand identity system to fully show its green product features.
OPTION 3 Taiwan Machine Tool Co., Ltd
TIME AM9:30-12:00 Nov. 24 (Thur.)
Website www.tmt.com.tw
Product introduction
  1. CNC Lathe
  2. Machining center
Company Description Since its establishment in 1978, TMT has reached its 39 year by 2016. TMT has placed customer satisfaction as first priority and put considerable devotion into manufacturing of machine tools. TMT is a professional machine tool manufacturer that takes Fully Meet Customer’s Requirements as our goal. We are dedicated in providing high quality machine tool and service to ensure customers satisfaction.
OPTION 4 Excetek Technologies Co.,Ltd.
TIME AM9:30-12:00 Nov. 24 (Thur.)
Website www.excetek.com
Product introduction
  1. Wire-cutting EDM
  2. Die Sinking EDM
  3. Small Hole Drilling EDM
  4. Customizations EDM
  5. 特殊机种
Company Description Intensive development makes profession more powerful; diligence in all respects makes wire cutting machinery outstanding. In March 2006, the EXCETEK establish a R&D and technical team with extensive experience, persisting on independent research and development, using the high core competence in electromechanical development to build the outstanding function and quality of CNC wire cutting machines, using innovation, marketability and practicability to successfully develop the wire cutting machine with turbine engine only used for aerospace industry. The use of design and manufacturing especially for customized models shows our differentiated advantage. We successfully market our own brand to be sold in more than 30 countries in the world, which can be described as the pride of Taiwan and admirable MIT enterprise. It is worth to be mentioned we won sixteenth RisingStar Award in 2013, twenty-second Taiwan SMEawar, and 2015 Golden Hand award Taichung, furthermore, there are a range of products will be selected for Taiwan Excellence Awards.
OPTION 5 Kao Ming Machinery Industrial Co.Ltd
TIME PM1:30-4:30 Nov. 24 (Thur.)
Website www.kaoming.com
Product introduction
  1. Double Column Machining Center
Company Description KAO MING MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 1968. Our main market 95% in Europe, America, and Japan , 1983 our first Double Column Machining Center developed , in Taiwan we are the first one to start Bridge type CNC machines.
Kao Ming’s Headquarter is located in Feng Yuan City; while our new plant located in the Central Taiwan Science Park occupies an area of 25,000 square meters, which has the most advanced air conditioning workshop with constant temperature to manufacture large-sized machining centers. The total production volume per year could reach to 1,000 sets.
Kao Ming owns big double Columns and other facility to machine important components to ensure quality and delivery, also we have kinds of measuring equipment and instrument to inspect parts, components, online producing and final products.
Kao Ming’s professional R&D team specializes in researching and innovating double column series. Not only we was the first company to successfully develop the model but the only one manufacturer focused on producing double column series. 80% models that we developed and produced are double columns that were module produced with several patents, and we are proud to have the best machining performance and fastest delivery. Besides, KaoMing have the innovation ability to develop Gantry-type Machining Center and Five-face/Multi-face Machining Center, and earn approvals from customers around the world.
Kao Ming has built out our own professional agents, and exporting our products to more than 60 countries and has 200 service stations around the world. Kao Ming is also the appointed facility supplier of many international large-scaled enterprises.
Kao Ming was the first one machine tool manufacturer to expand sales in China market. Besides, we have sales/service point and warehouse for spare part supply around the country that could directly and rapidly provide the best service to customers.
OPTION 6 E-Tech Machinery Inc.
TIME PM1:30-4:30 Nov. 24 (Thur.)
Website www.etechmachinery.com.tw
Product introduction
  1. CNC Centerless Grinder
  2. Centerless Grinder
  3. CNC Plunge Type Cylindrical Grinder
  4. CNC Angular Type Cylindrical Grinder
  5. Cylindrical Grinder
  6. Cylindrical CNC Complex Grinder
  7. Internal Grinder
  8. CNC Surface Grinder
  9. NC Precision Surface Grinder
  10. Precision Surface Grinder
  11. Rotary Grinder
  12. Vertical Rotary Grinder
  13. Over Arm Surface Grinder
  14. Center Hole Grinder
Company Description E-tech Machinery Inc. is a world class, professional grinding machine manufacturer that strives to utilize the latest technology to our products, inspections and quality control processes. With years of experience and a strong R&D department, our grinding machines are well received by customers around the globe. We not only offer our services to well known machine tool companies under OEM and ODM cooperation agreements, but also worldwide under our own E-tech name. Our application and training team offers total solutions to our customers including test grinding, process analysis, technical training and selecting suitable grinding wheels or other optional accessories.
OPTION 7 Jiuh-Yeh Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
TIME AM9:30-12:00 Nov. 25 (Fri.)
Website www.jiuhyeh.com
Product introduction
  1. Knee Type Milling Machine
  2. Bed Type Vertical & Horizontal Milling Machine
  3. CNC Vertical Machining Center
  4. Horizontal Machining Center
  5. CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Center
Company Description JIUH-YEH MACHINERY CO., LTD. was founded in 1988 and began manufacturing CNC Machinery Centers. In order to keep in step with global trends in technological advancements, Jiuh-Yeh has constantly upgraded its machines with the latest innovations in CNC machining equipment.
Having begun manufacturing Milling Machines in 1991, Jiuh-Yeh have become a leading brand within the global market.
Looking back, Jiuh-Yeh has grown to come into its own as a major player with ever increasing worldwide sales of innovative products with all its workers striving together for excellence under the guidance of Director, Mr. Hsu. In addition to the above efforts, Jiuh-Yeh has also been attending important world machine tool shows in order to spotlight the performance of its state-of-the-art technology.
In order to increase its production and services, Jiuh-Yeh has built another new factory which began production by in mid 2006 .
From design to manufacture, assembling and inspection, Jiuh-Yeh machines are strictly controlled at every stage. We ensure our machines' quality and stability-40% of our business comes from repeat customers; a record that we are most proud to hold.
We will do our best through our marketing and our experienced technicians to satisfy you on all your production machinery's needs and services.
OPTION 8 Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd.
TIME PM1:30-4:30 Nov. 25 (Fri.)
Website www.kafo.com.tw
Product introduction
  1. Vertical Machining Center
  2. Double Column Machining Center
  3. Horizontal Machining Center
  4. High Speed Double Column Machining Center
  5. Gantry Type 5-axis Machining Center
  6. Moving Cross Rail Double Column Machining Center
  7. Tapping Machine
  8. 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Center
Company Description Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd (known as KAFO) was founded in 1968. It has been grown up together with Taiwan Machinery Industry Market. We produce all kinds of traditional milling machine and modern Vertical/Horizontal/Double Column/Bridge type of machining center completely. We know everything about machining with the highest possible precision and we produce the machine to do this.